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Globetrotting - globe·trot·ting Part 1: Philippines

I love to travel! Whenever we get a chance, the hubster and I pack our bags and go! This year started out with a bang (2 bangs to be exact - more details on that later) with an awesome trip to Asia. Philippines, Hong Kong and Macau to be exact!

It's been a long time coming since we've been envisioning going back to my birth country, visiting the surrounding areas and my husband finally meeting my family overseas. The last time I've been back was in 2006 and it was high time that we finally did it. 

Part 1: Philippines

The main reason for going was for my cousin's wedding. It was spectacular! 

The ceremony was held in San Agustin Church a stone church built by the Augustinian Friars in the 16th Century within the historic walled city of Intramuros, Manila. The church is also one of UNESCO's world heritage sites. 

Her dress was even more amazing! She wore a couture gown lovingly designed and created by the very creative and talented Filipino fashion designer, Paul Herrera.

After the wedding we went to Boracay a small island famous for it's white sandy beaches and clear blue/turquoise water. To get there, you take a short plane ride followed by a ferry. 

Get ready for some chop!
For the longest time, I've been complaining to my hubster about the "sub-standard beaches" we've been to so far around the globe. And I think, finally, for the first time he had understood why I kept grumbling about it because of this:
My photos don't do this place justice....
Beautiful as it is, it gets really annoying when you're trying to relax and are constantly bombarded by hawkers selling you boat rides, bottle diving, para sailing trips etc. Though they were very polite, they were also very persistent by the numbers. I guess that's the price you pay for going to a touristic spot.

Hawkers, stray dogs and stray cats were constantly around the area.
This cute dog decided to adopt us while we lounging around. Adorable!
Food, although cheap, starts to get pretty pricey if you constantly eat at D*Mall (shopping area in Boracay). So we decided to venture off to a more local/low cost area of the island. I think we preferred this over the over prices/touristy areas that take over the island.

I'm very fascinated with all the wires and water meters.
We had lunch at Tod's Lomi house which we stumbled onto during our wanderings. Food was excellent, cheap with generous portions!

We had pancit Shanghai (noodle dish),  Filipino style spaghetti with San Miguel beers.

Pancit Shanghai? Yes please!
Filipino style spaghetti - the sauce it a bit sweeter and it comes with hot dogs!! MMMMM... brings me back to my childhood.
The meal + drinks was just under 300 pesos with is under 5 Euros. The average dish prices in D*Mall starts at 300 pesos.

We returned to Manila and headed out to Detalle Bar and Kitchen. In hindsight I should have taken more photos of the place and the food rather than just stuffing my face. Check out Tales from the Tummy who has done a much better job than I have in capturing the essence and delicious food of Detalle Bar and Kitchen.

Awesome and creative food in up-cycled iso containers? Yes please! The interior of the resto is what the hubster and I have envisioned in our future home. Industrial with creative use of up-cycled materials mixed with warm woods, concrete and metal.

The food... was NOMS! We essentially tried almost everything on the menu shared with about 20 of us around the table. The hubster had the very tasty D Burger (300 g patty with blue cheese, arugula, bacon jam and aioli) cooked to perfection and I had the Braised Pork Sandwich with sour dough bread, apple jam without the fried egg . The pizzas, pastas, salads and the rest of the appetizers were also awesome! After dinner we spent the rest of the evening drinking cocktails on the rooftop bar.

Crispy pigs ear with goat cheese cream sauce for starters
Next up: what do you do when you're stuck in traffic? Take pictures of you stuck in traffic. Truly... exciting stuff.

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