Thursday, November 21, 2013

More P Less Drama

Life is complicated enough as it is and having to guess how someone feels about you makes it even worst! Wouldn't it be fantastic if that aspect of your life (ie: relationships, possible relationships, "are we dating/ not dating", do they like me? etc etc. ) can be sorted out quick and easy? If only that apple of your eye , your crush, your idol would give you a sign... like let's saying peeing on you?

Need convincing? Perhaps this would help Dear Future Hubster

Before you thing i'm crazy and think i'm into golden showers (in which i'm definitely crazy but NOT into golden showers) let me explain.

A friend was telling me about her colleague's dog who would urinate on anyone it likes when it gets excited. Simple right? Dog likes me because it urinated on me. No second guessing, no wondering where your relationship situation stands with the little critter. It's so simple! Why can't our relationships be that simple? Perhaps not with the literal pee method but something similar.

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