Friday, November 23, 2012

I have to be one of the worst gift givers on this planet. Not in the sense that I always give incredibly useless and thoughtless presents but more like I cannot contain the secret. What can I say? I like seeing the look on people's faces when they tear the wrapper to shreds and unravel the prize waiting for them inside! The anticipation just kills me!! And yes, I am one of those people that would flip to the last page of a novel to see if it's "worth continuing". BAAAADDDD............

Let's step back for a moment - the hubster turned 30 yesterday. For the past few days I have been pestering him, RELENTLESSLY if he wanted to open his presents. He told me i'll be a creepy mom to our future unborn children, especially on birthdays and holidays. I'll be the kid and they'll be the adult in the PRESENT situation *chuckles*.

The hubster conceded to opening present #1 during the weekend. A bottle of wine called H├Ęcula - the "Spanification"of our namesake. He thought it was over... That's 1 down, 2 to go. I left him alone for a few days then ensued the barrage of annoyance.

Present 2 - Tuesday evening - the summarized version:

Shari: *dumps the present in front of hubster at dinner time*

Hubster's face: ???? wtf???

Shari: It's an external hard drive, open it!

Hubster: uh huh right... external hard drive. Why did you get me an external hard drive?

Shari: for the robot!! (i'll explain in my later blogs)

Hubster: you got me an external hard drive for the robot? You do know we have like 3 extras right?

Shari: *pouty face* no....

*30 more minutes of harassment continued

Hubster: I'm going to put this under my bike... like a Christmas tree.... to open on THURSDAY

Shari: *pouts*

He ended up opening the present Wednesday evening.

Tada! A second bottle of wine called Predicador by Benjamin Romeo.

Thursday Morning:

Matti opened this beauty. 

He's been dreaming about Jamon ever since I gave him a leg for his last birthday. I even told him the night before that it was a leg of Jamon but he refused to believe me thinking that I was only duping him. Funny how things go.

Now let me explain the difficulties of hiding 8 kilos of ham. We have 2 cats... last time I brought a box home, they completely surrounded it, like sharks, staking claim to it before I manage to put it where they couldn't reach but that didn't stop them from trying to reach the spot. This time I was smarter.... and hid it in my closet... mmmmm meaty aromatic smell of clothes.. but it turned out to be ok. I didn't smell like a vegetarian's nightmare and the cats didn't get to it.

The hubster was very surprised and happy :)

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